Natalie's A.R.T. Foundation

About Us

After realizing that in the past thirty years there have been no significant advancements in the outcome of children diagnosed with DIPG and limitations in the treatment options we have chosen to make a difference.  Our family has decided to honor Natalie by forming a donor advised fund called Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation.  Please join us as we raise Awareness of DIPG, aid funding for Research and Treatment methods with the hope of finding a cure.

Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation has entered a partnership with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (GKCCF) in establishing a donor advised fund that allows tax deductible donations to fund research for pediatric brain cancer, specifically targeting Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).


The mission of Natalie’s A.R.T foundation is dedicated to:

Raising Awareness of pediatric brain tumors especially DIPG

Host events to Raise Funds for Research for a Cure


We support other organization in their efforts to improve Treatment methods and ease the experience for childhood cancer patients and their families throughout their journey.