Originally published May 20, 2016

You always say, “this can never happen to my child.” But it can. We have been closely following the story of a local girl who has recently been diagnosed with DIPG, and we wanted to share a little about it.

Sunday May 8th, marks the 3rd anniversary of Natalie earning her Angel Wings and losing her battle with DIPG.  We miss her so much every day and are blessed to have the opportunity to honor her memory through our work at Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation.  Unfortunately, this disease continues to impact Kansas City area families such as 8-year old Parker Monhollan from Silver Lake, KS who was diagnosed with DIPG in January 2016.  Just as Natalie did, Parker and her family are fighting hard while filled with hope and faith that she will beat DIPG.  They have sought immunotherapy treatment in Germany, and they are currently flying back and forth between Germany and the states for this treatment. Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation has and will continue to support Parker through grants and coordination of fundraisers, and we ask that you visit Parker’s website and Facebook page to show your support – Parker loves to receive mail from her followers!