Natalie's A.R.T. Foundation

Meet Natalie

“You’re going to love this girl, she just skips through life!” 

That’s how Natalie’s 1st grade teacher described her to a colleague and it epitomizes our little girl.

Cancer is a word no one ever wants to hear. It is even worse when a doctor says it while diagnosing your child. That’s what happened to us on August 26, 2012. For the 8 plus months that followed, our daughter Natalie fought her disease with courage, determination and grace. Unfortunately there have been no significant advancements in the treatment of childhood brain cancer over the past 30 years and Natalie didn’t live to celebrate her 9th birthday.

Talented artist, determined athlete, unwavering friend to all.  Natalie came into our lives a fighter in 2004 and every life she touched was better for it.  She loved art and had an amazing creativity.  Whether painting, sculpting, drawing, sewing or just working a la carte Natalie could turn other people’s trash into her own genius.  She loved competing on the soccer field, softball diamond and the playground.  She was never the biggest or the strongest but no one worked harder.  However, Natalie’s best quality was the way she treated others.  Natalie was a great friend to everyone and her kind soul made sure no one was ever left out or made to feel less than her.

It is with this in mind that we have established Natalie’s A.R.T. Foundation, honoring her memory by Raising Awareness, Funding Research and Improving the Treatment experience for children battling cancer, as well as their families.